Our Mission

To assist our clients in making the right financial decisions by delivering timely, accurate financial information so that their goals can be achieved:

1. Sooner rather than later

2. Easier rather than harder

3. For less rather than more


Our Service Standards

The Abarquez Group Inc. team has made a commitment to provide you, our clients, with exceptional client service. To meet this commitment, we have implemented the following service standards:

  • All calls that you make to us will be returned within one business day by a member of our team.
  • All questions will be answered within one business day if the information is not immediately available.
  • All problems will be handled with the goal of resolving them within 3 business days.

You can also contact us by e-mail info@abarquezgroup.com  or by fax (905) 707-0756. We will respond to you within the same timelines. 
Finally, we will be conducting an annual client survey to allow you to evaluate our service. However, feel free to contact us at any time to let us know your thoughts; we are always pleased to hear from you. 
We hope that these measures will make us more accessible and more effective in meeting your needs. We look forward to your comments.

"If you plan where you are going, you will likely get there!"

50 Mowatt Court
Thornhill, ONTARIO L3T 6V5

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