Retirement Planning - Will you be ready for retirement?

‚ÄčRetirement, they say, is the ultimate goal of the employed. While many have contemplated this phase of their lives, few have very specific plans for retirement. 
Assume that your health is good, will you have enough money to be able to live the kind of retirement you want? Will your retirement funds last to your life expectancy? 
Answering those questions means thinking about your expectations and creating a financial plan to meet those expectations. This is no easy task, but a very important one. 
The future does not take care of itself, you have to shape your own future. Our goal is to offer some advice and help in developing a blueprint to follow. 

Wealth Conservation - Know today what your assets can do for you in the future.

All men and women, regardless of the size of their estate, should be vitally interested in getting the maximum value for themselves and their families out of the properties they have worked so hard to accumulate.


The estate of each individual goes through four phases:


  1. The FIRST is the building period when through your work, savings and investments, you create an estate, not only for eventual distribution to your family, but also for your ultimate retirement.
  2. The SECOND phase is when you actually retire where you will be funding your lifestyle with the assets you have accumulated
  3. The THIRD phase is a transition period, which starts when death occurs. The executor must, during this period, assemble and safeguard all the assets of the estate, pay administration expenses, debts and taxes.
  4. The FOURTH phase is, where the estate assets remaining after the payment of expenses, debts and taxes are available for your beneficiaries.


Our objectives are to determine those steps that could help facilitate the accomplishment of your goals. Our recommendation purports to encourage economy in your financial affairs.
While planning is a continuous process, there is obvious value in knowing today what your assets can do for you in the future.

Insurance Planning - Have the security of knowing that your plans and goals are protected.

‚ÄčLife & disability insurance provide the security of knowing that your plans and goals are protected in the event of premature death or disability. Many people spend a lot of time developing a long-term plan to follow in order to achieve their financial goals. But the best plans in the world have some sort of a guarantee. 

Life & disability insurance provide that guarantee. In the event of premature death or disability, the plan would not die or stop with the investor; rather the plan becomes self-fulfilling.

Benefits Planning - We work with both employer and employee to create an ideal plan

For the employer, we assist in ensuring that their group benefits plan (life, health, dental and retirement) meets the needs and objectives of the organization. 

For the employee, we assist in ensuring that your benefits are fully understood and integrated with your overall financial plan.

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